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Fire mitigation is the practice of taking precautions against and minimizing the damage caused by wildfires. This requires identifying potential risks and taking steps to reduce them and requires experience and compliance to proven methods recognized by the state. 

Wildfire-prone places like Bailey, Colorado and all mountainous areas along the 285 corridor, highlight the importance of fire mitigation and suppression measures. Certain methods assist to lower the likelihood of fires, provide houses and buildings a larger parameter, and increase the likelihood of structures surviving a wildfire.

Action Tree Removal performs mitigation work, tree removal, conducts risk assessments, offers consultations, clears land for construction or pre-construction, and manages forests as part of its fire mitigation services. We efficiently reduce fire risks through our years of experience as a Class 2 Wildland Firefighter and Forester.

Action Tree Removal Ownership has been performing fire mitigation and forest management services for 36 years and opened under its name in 2022. Experts in forest management and fire safety form the backbone of our team, guaranteeing timely and efficient responses.

We can take on fire mitigation initiatives of varying sizes. We can provide fire mitigation services for any size area, including homes, businesses, and even entire neighborhoods.

Morrison, Conifer, Aspen Park, Evergreen, Bailey, Pine Junction, Jefferson, Como, and Indian Mountain are just a few of the places where Action Tree Removal provides fire mitigation services. Jefferson County, Park County, and Chaffee County are all included in our service area.

You can reach us at 720-404-0421 or via email at ActionTreeRemovalTreeService@gmail.com if you’re interested in our fire mitigation services or would like more information. If you have any questions or would like more information, our team will be pleased to help.