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Although we’ve been solving people’s tree removal, wildfire fuels reduction and slash removal concerns for 36 years, Action Tree Removal became an entity in 2022! We are now a family owned business and the good company we keep includes our labor and office staff!

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, earn your referral business and only charge for what we do. Nothing more, nothing less.

service - fire mitigation

Fire Mitigation Services

Reduce the risk to your home and valuables against the destructive potential of wildfires with the help of our fire mitigation services. 

service - land clearing

Land Clearing Contractors Service

Land clearing is an important part of keeping your home or business safe from the damage that flames can do. 

service - Tree Removal and Thinning Service

Tree Removal and Thinning Service

Protecting what matters most to you and saving your home investment through tree removal and thinning is crucial.

service - Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming Services

In the mountain areas of our beautiful state, it is very important to protect your house and property from the damage that wildfires can do. 

service - Wildfire Risk Assessment Service

Wildfire Risk Assessment Service

The most important thing to give you peace of mind is to have your property assessed for risk when it comes to fire mitigation. 

Fence Line Clearing for Wildfire Mitigation

One of the most effective ways to help reduce the risk of wildfires in the mountains of Colorado is by providing skilled fence line cleaning services. 

service - Forest Management

Forest Management for Fire Mitigation

Action Tree Removal understands the need of striking a balance between protecting the forests and allowing them to retain their natural beauty. 

service - Forest Management-1

Pre Construction Clearing

Action Tree Removal is aware of the significance of pre-construction fire safety and insurance compliance.

service - Forest Management-2

Brush Clearing

With the prevalence of wildfires continuing to rise, brush clearing has become an important measure for preventing the destruction of homes and communities.